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Dobry psycholog pomoże

While moving from another country to Poland, we encounter a range of difficulties. First of them is the language – not always are we able to use the Polish language in a communicative way.

Another problem is the confrontation with unfamiliar culture and traditions. Also, we are often alone, without friends and our family is far away. We can also face the stereotypes about our nationality. Yet, we still may have just the same problems as we would in our own country.

We offer counseling which addresses the above problems with adaptation in Poland and in any area of life.

Each of us experiences difficult moments of our life, be it life failures or unpleasant situations. There are moments when we suffer not only physically, but also emotionally. These are crisis situations and the way we deal with them depends on the way we experience them. Suppressing our emotions can make us unhappy and disillusioned for the rest of our life.

Sad moments are inscribed in our lives and none of us is going to avoid suffering. However, the way you deal with them depends on the way you experience these situations. If you suppress them, you will be unhappy and disillusioned for the rest of your life. If you rely on fate, saying: “what must be must be and I cannot do anything anyway”, you doom yourself to helplessness.

“To be sure, you can have a great deal of happiness in this life, but finding it means resolving each crisis as it occurs. The pain you feel in crisis is a signal for you to learn and grow. When you heed that signal and subsequently resolve the crisis, you find yourself happier and more fulfilled.”
Alan Downs

Hence, it is worth to seek professional psychological support in such difficult moments.

This kind of psychological support is for you, if you experience a crisis, a difficult life situation or stress connected with:

  • unexpected disease
  • unexpected losing job
  • death of a close person
  • unexpected disease of a close person
  • middle age crisis
  • sudden abandonment by a close person
  • sudden lower mood with no particular cause
  • sudden accident

The therapy consists of up to 12 meetings and their frequency is  agreed individually with the therapist. This is a short-term therapy, focused on the solution of a specific life problem which has occurred relatively recently.

Therapeutic session in English or Spain: 180 PLN/50 min

Payment: cash / card