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Dobry psycholog w terapii par

Marriage psychotherapy is addressed to the couples which want to improve their relationship, are in crisis or the accumulating misunderstandings effectively make their common life difficult.

The couple therapy will allow you to learn more about yourself and your partner. It is an occasion to express your emotions and needs and to understand the needs and emotions of the partner. The key goals of the couple therapy are: solving individual problems of the couple, achieving a better understanding, learning effective communication without violence, expressing and satisfying your own and your partner’s needs. It is also a perfect chance to work on the individual growth of each of the partners.

The couples therapy is a chance for the relationships which:

  • are in crisis
  • go through significant changes, e. g. child birth, children leaving home, loosing job by the partner, wife earning for the whole family and more
  • are thinking whether to be together or to split
  • feel that they growing apart
  • notoriously split and come back to each other after some time
  • hurt each other by constant quarrels
  • experienced a betrayal, jealousy, lack of trust.

The couples psychotherapy is a form of therapy based on the direct contact between the therapist and the couple. It is a process of regular meetings with the therapist.

The therapy of a couple usually takes a few weeks; the sessions are held weekly, 90 min each.

Therapeutic session in English or Spain: 250 PLN / 90 min

Payment: cash / card

Family and divorce mediation

Dobry psycholog pomoże w mediachach skłóconych par

Mediation is a procedure of solving conflicts with the help of an impartial third party who helps the parties reach an agreement acceptable for all of them. Family mediation is a good solution to the situation when those involved are not able to reach an agreement themselves, though they want to or should do it. In the course of mediation, they can solve issues difficult for them, among others these connected with the divorce. Divorce is often associated with strong emotions which block mutual communication and unable common arrangements as to the new situation, or even a calm conversation. Undoubtedly, divorce is the kind of situation which generates a lot of issues to be solved, including child custody (place of their residence, contact with each parent, contact with grandparents, who to spend holidays with, child support), distribution of property and the like. The emotions and multiplying claims effectively prevent the divorcing persons from achieving any agreement. At this point, the mediator can appear helpful.

Divorce mediation involves the mediation of couples getting divorced as well as those before divorce and already divorced. Mediation can also concern any other family conflicts – for example those between a mother-in-law and a daughter-in-law, among siblings, between a grandmother and the grandson or even in an engaged couple which is not able to reach compromise in terms of the prenuptial agreement and the like. Mediation helps married couples in solving any of their conflicts – starting from the division of duties in the family, ways of spending money and saving, to establishing relations with the family of the spouse, the scope of freedom granted to the children or the ways of spending leisure time and many more. Actually, any conflict can be solved by way of mediation, if only the parties really want to solve it. However, you should remember that mediation is neither therapy nor legal advice.

Mediation allows its participants to define the conflicting areas, reduce communication barriers, prepare suggested solutions and, if the parties wish so, conclude a mutually satisfying agreement. The mediator helps in improving the communication and holding a difficult conversation in a safe, calm and ordered way.

If the parties wish so, the agreement concluded during the mediation may have a legal effect. The parties may go to court with the ready agreement and the court can approve it and grant it the so-called enforcement title. A lot of couples which are going to get divorced hold mediation before going to court trial. The benefits of such a solution are as follows – the parties reach a mutually satisfying compromise by themselves, with the mediator’s help, and the court does not have to issue a decision, but it just has to check if the agreement concluded in the course of the mediation is lawful, which, in turn, helps save time, money and, above all, your nerves.

Mediation session in English or Spain: 250 PLN / 90 min

Payment: cash / card