Psychological consultation on skype for foreigners Therapy via internet, on-line psychotherapy in english and spanish


On-line psychological consultations are dedicated for the foreigners who, for certain reasons, are not able to attend the session in our centre, yet they have the need to consult a psychologist.

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We welcome the English- and Spanish-speaking foreigners who live outside Warsaw, willing to receive professional psychological assistance. Our main focus is the therapy in our facility. However, we are aware that not everywhere in Poland the foreigners have the opportunity to visit a psychologist or attend a therapy in their own language. This is why we launched the on-line consultations provided by the specialist from our center. She is a qualified, experienced psychologist working under regular supervision. The same rules apply to the on-line consultations as to the therapy attended in the facility. We communicate via Skype, using sound and picture.

This form of assistance might be useful also for those who are too shy or embarrassed to visit our facility. The on-line consultations are anonymous and confidential. The sessions are run in a closed room and the only difference is that you talk and see the therapist through your computer screen.

What makes our on-line consultations exceptional

  • the atmosphere of home and safety,
  • confidentiality, the sessions are run in closed rooms,
  • you do not waste the time to come to our facility,
  • you avoid the feeling of insecurity or embarrassment that may appear while visiting our centre,
  • the consultations are provided by an experienced therapist who belongs to our team,
  • you choose a date convenient for you,
  • you can receive psychological assistance in any place in the world, as long as there is Internet connection

Technical requirements

  • computer with Skype communicator installed on it (
  • microphone and video camera

Call us at 0048 810 07 46 and ask for the details!

On-line individual (Skype) consultations – 180 PLN / 50 min
On-line (Skype) consultation for couple – 250 PLN / 90 min.

On-line payment via PayPal service / credit card before the consultation

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How to book an on-line consultation
Call us (Mo-Fri 10.00-21.00) at 0048 (22) 810 07 46
Or write at psychoterapia@psychoterapia-kielczyk.plArrange a convenient date of the consultation.
You will receive a confirmation of the date of the consultation and the payment method instruction.