Melissa Hernández Jaczewska

Psychologist, therapist (therapy in English and Spanish)

Specialty area

I specialize in short and long-term therapies addressed to the Spanish and English speaking individuals who are currently living in Poland or are moving due to professional or personal reasons.

Changing our surroundings and environment, may generate stress, fear or depression. Our emotional stabilization depends on how well we can cope with these changes.

I work with patients suffering from depression, stress, low self-esteem, emotional and personal development problems.

I also offer help to couples in dealing with their cultural and communication differences in everyday life, sexual life as well as their roles as parents.


I graduated from the Department of Psychology at the Universidad de Las America in Puebla, Mexico. I obtained the Master’s Degree in Poland once my diploma had been validated at the University of Warsaw. I continue to complete and extend my knowledge, taking part in psychological courses and trainings. I have recently obtained a diploma for completing the training in Gestalt Therapy at Instituto de Psicoterapia Gestalt en Veracruz, Mexico.


My profesional experience has been nothing but top notch. I had the privilege to work at  Mental Health Hospital Guadalupe in Cholula-Puebla, Mexico.  I also cooperated with DIF, Veracruz, Mexico, where I provided individual therapy and family courses. In Poland I work as a therapist in health centers, where I provide therapies to individuals as well as to couples and families.


I come from Mexico, but I have lived in Poland for the last 13 years. My husband is Polish and we have two children.

The fact of being a foreigner and living in a “mixed” family enriched my life and provided me with the necessary experience and knowledge to face changes and challenges as well as turning them into opportunities.

I love music and dance. I practice sports, yoga and meditation and I am also a passionate of books and travels.