The world is shrinking faster and faster. We have already become a global village and migration of people is a common thing. Travelling has never been easier than today. We have all means of transport at our disposal and we can move anywhere we want. But is it really that simple? Does it make no difference to us in which country we live? Not quite. Changing the location is one thing, and learning how to live there is another. For our mind, a change of environment is a shock to which it must get used to over time. Obviously, the period of adaptation can run smoothly, but usually, sooner or later the problems start. This is the moment when you should think about taking advantage of psychological assistance. Common problems of moving to another country include:

therapy in Warsaw for expats

Social problems

If you do not know the language, you cannot communicate or convey your thoughts and feelings. As a result, it is hard for you to built relationships with people and you start to feel lonely. You have a feeling of not being understood by people around you. On top of that, in new surroundings and foreign culture you can become shy and withdrawn, which does not make things easier. In our center you can learn how to improve your social life and start to build intimate bonds with people.

therapy in Warsaw for expats


At home you left your family, friends, work and all the things you loved. In your new country, you often need to start all over again. Emotions such as fear or anxiety are natural in this situation. Sometimes, however, they can overwhelm you and paralyze your actions. Too much stress can lower your self-esteem. It is difficult to face challenges when you are alone in a new place. Black clouds can easily cast the sky and soon you might find yourself not being able to handle your life. All this can lead to inactivity and depression. If you notice any symptoms of this condition, such as permanently low mood, pessimism, no will to act or sleeplessness, do not hesitate and come to our center. We will help you regain your energy and start building your new life in Poland!

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Excess stress

When you have already landed and unpacked your luggage, you can start preparing for the battle with the Polish red tape. Bureaucratic issues, whether they are connected with your residence, job or studying, can be a real nightmare. While running through the offices, you still need to learn the life in Poland, possibly the language and also find the time for contacting people. Too much stress in a short period of time can lead to a state of constant tension and inability to rest. This may result in low mood, insomnia, nervousness or even panic attacks. If you feel that your inner balance has been disturbed, visit our specialist and she will help you take a deep breath.

The above examples do not exhaust the range of problems that you might face as foreigner. Whatever bothers you in your new situation, it is always worth to strive for your comfort and well-being.


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